Quality fire sprinkler system designs

developed to keep you on schedule and under budget.




Dynamic Fire Designs produces high quality fire sprinkler designs that meet or exceed industry standards. Our focus with every design is not only to satisfy the code requirements, but also produce a design that will save you money on install. Over 15 years of experience in design and project management gives us the breadth of knowledge to meet any challenge.

Hydraulic Calculations

The viability of each fire sprinkler system we design is confirmed by hydraulic calculations performed to the stringent standards of the Authority Having Jurisdiction. We consider carefully the hazard protected by the system, the requirements of the governing standards, and the specifications of the design team (architect/engineer). Using the latest software tools, we produce high quality, easy to read hydraulic calculation reports as required.


Once the job is designed and approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, we are ready to proceed with Stocklisting. We produce thorough fabrication and loose material reports that can be passed on to your fabrication shop and materials supplier. We can produce several different types of files to distribute these lists and will work hard to generate them in a format most convenient for you and your fabrication and supply partners.

BIM Coordination

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming more and more common in today's construction projects. Dynamic Fire Designs has years of experience in these types of designs being an early adopter of the tools and techniques needed to produce 3D designs. We possess and are proficient at all the necessary software products needed for BIM coordination including Revit and Navisworks Manage




The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) is “the global leader in providing recognition of qualified technology professionals who reliably apply engineering principles and practices for the benefit and safety of the public.” NICET sets forth rigorous certification criteria including documented work experience, professional references, and testing of skills essential to demonstrate the applicants technical mastery of the subject matter. NICET certification in Water-Based Systems Layout is for individuals whose responsibility it is to design water-based fire protection systems which meet code requirements. This certification has four levels beginning with Level 1 which is designed for trainees and entry level technicians and ending with Level 4 for senior-level technicians working with complex or specialized systems and whose responsibilities include the supervision of others. NICET is used by more than half of the states in the US to certify competency of those involved in the design, installation, or inspection of water based fire sprinkler systems.

Micah Davis, owner and chief designer at Dynamic Fire Designs holds Level 4 certification from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.



The primary software used at Dynamic Fire Designs for design, hydraulic and seismic calculations, and stocklisting of fire sprinkler systems is Revit. Revit is developed by Autodesk and is a parametric based CAD program that allows for design of the sprinkler system in 3D. This software is especially well suited for projects requiring Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the system is designed in 3D from the beginning and modifications needed to coordinate with other systems can be done instantly with the outcomes being seen in real time. Because the systems are built in 3D with all required pipes and fittings included in the design, stocklisting is often more accurate than traditional means of item take-off or material estimation procedures.

Dynamic Fire Designs also uses the latest products from Autodesk as necessary to complete designs. For BIM projects, this includes the use of Navisworks and AutoCAD as is often used by the design and construction teams for these projects. Every type of file commonly used by these design and construction teams can be read and produced by Dynamic Fire Designs. This makes the coordination process as seamless as possible.



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